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Monitor Exchange

Exchange monitors are available for your CNC Machine tool. We offer a limited number of CRT monitor exchanges.

However we offer extensive replacement and rebuild services for non exchange monitors. We offer exchange 9″ and 12″ monochrome monitors fitted on a huge array of machine tools. From brands such as Fanuc, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba.

The original monitor is taken and the old crt tube is stripped and disposed off. The monitor (metal, pcb, cabling loom, etc) is washed. At this point a new CRT tube is fitted and the electronic chassis of the monitor is repaired, overhauled, refurbished, etc. Then the monitor is tested on our rigs – primarily for Fanuc & GE Fanuc CNC controlled machines.

All of our monitor exchange units come with a 180 day warranty.

Further to our CNC monitor exchange service; DNC also offer other CNC monitor solutions. Including CNC monitor replacements (TFT / CRT) ready to ship! . Repair to OEM CNC monitors (call for info on which) all DNC Electronics & CNC Electronics branded monitors. Parts for Fanuc LCD/MDI Unit, such as LCD panels. As well testing for all monitors that we offer services upon! Call for more details or click on the CNC monitor category links to the left!