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Monitor Repair

Monitor repair is offered on CNC Machine tool displays. Primarily we are offer repairs to our own monitors out of warranty. As well a limited selection of monitors that we do not offer replacement, rebuild or exchange services upon.

Every monitor that DNC Electronics (known as DNC ??) & CNC Electronics (CNC ??) have manufactured can be repaired or replaced by us. We do carry extensive parts available to us to repair monitors that we have manufactured as far back as 1995. In total over 7000 monitors have been done when complete rebuilds of Fanuc CRT/MDI, LCD/MDI, PDP/MDI units are taken in account with new replacement monitors.

Hence monitor repair is offered on quite a footprint of DNC & CNC monitors manufactured by us. Including 9″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″ mono green and amber, yellow and red, colour; all of the frequencies; covering TTL, composite, sync on green, etc. There have been over 200 different monitors that we have offered replacements or rebuilt over the last 20 years and we can offer monitor repair services on them all.

Repair of original OEM monitors to the machine tools is limited due to our new monitor replacements, rebuilds and exchange programs.

Warranty on CNC monitor repair is 180 days.

Note: We do not repair Okuma monitors.