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Part Number

Part Number Identification

CNC Monitors: In some cases, customers struggle to find the part number for the entire CNC displays. Fanuc part numbers start with A61L-0001-00??, unless its LCD then its A02B-0???-C???, etc. Mitsubishi with MDT, Totoku with CDT, Matsushita with TR or TX, Magnetek finish with TA, and so on. Mazak use monitors are built under licence by Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Totoku, and many others. Hence like Mazak, many CNC control systems and machine tools have monitors built by others. Hence no definitive part numbering strategy other than the monitor manufacturers own part numbers.

1. The part number sticker is usually found on the inside bottom panel of Fanuc 12 & 14″ monitors, and on the outside of left or right hand metal frame of all the other manufacturers that we deal with.

2. Most of the CNC manufacturers never built their own monitors such as Fanuc, Mazak, GE Fanuc, Yasnac, etc. They were made under license by the following Japanese Manufacturers: Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Tatung, Toshiba, and Totoku. So even if you are finding labels on the metalwork of the CRT itself, but there is no mention of Fanuc or of the standard Fanuc monitor part number (A61L-0001-00??), then the above manufacturer’s part number is usually present. If any of the above manufacturers are labeled on the monitor, please go to CNC monitor replacements, then to the links on the right.

3. Sometimes the part number is obscured by the MDI framing which holds the CNC monitor in place either on a tray (Fanuc / Mazak), in a cage (Siemens) or bolted into the front (Fanuc, Hitachi, Heidenhain, etc.