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  • Fanuc CRT Monitor exchange.
  • A61L-0001-0073#R, A61L00010073
  • Exchange with 180 day warranty.
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A61L-0001-0073 FANUC

A61L-0001-0073 is a Fanuc mono Green 12″ video display unit. DNC supply as a fully refurbished monitor. As a service exchange, DNC strip and clean the chassis, repair the electronics and replace the tube irrelevant of condition with a new CRT. We’ve been offer exchange on this monitor since 1997. Hence after repairing a few dozen, we know where the common faults lie. Off course we can put the monitor on our monochrome Fanuc 3 test rig to ensure it works as it should.

We can offer a new LED replacement using your existing metalwork. Taken the A61L-0001-0073 beyond CRT to the latest LED technology backed with a 2 year warranty. This is a bespoke service, and most customers opt for the service exchange option as we normally have stock and its considerable cheaper.

The service exchange comes with a 180 day warranty.

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