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  • Hitachi 10.4″ LCD Panel
  • TM26D07VC1AA
  • Fitted on Fanuc 16, 18, 21 controls.
  • Many solutions regards Fanuc LCD fitted with this panel.



Hitachi┬áTM26D07VC1AA panels were fitted in Fanuc LCD, LCD/MDI controls and other GE Fanuc CNC systems. CNC Monitors offers a variety of services for this panel and more importantly the Fanuc LCD Display that it is part off. The panel if in stock carries a 12 month warranty. If a rebuild is possible on this 10.4″ LCD/MDI Fanuc panel then it carries a 2 year warranty and is a same day / 24 hour turnaround service.

Either way, if you’re unsure what is wrong. Please ship your LCD/MDI and we’ll work out whether its the Hitachi TM26D07VC1AA or the driver pcb, backlight or cabling. Sometimes it can be the graphics generated in the Fanuc CNC. Hence the fault not being the LCD panel at all.


Display Size 26 (10.4″) cm
Format 640(h)x480(v) dot
Outline Dimensions (W x H x D) 245.0 x 175.0 x 11.5 mm
Weight 500 g

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