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  • GE CRT Monitor Replacement.
  • CNC carry stock of this GE Monitor.
  • 44A717111 = DNC 10
  • 12 Month Warranty.


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Product Description

44A717111 GE Monitor

44A717111 GE monitor, is a mid generation GE CNC monitor, that was fitted on the GE 1050 HL, and the GE 1050 HLX. This is a 9″ Green mono crt. The replacement for this is apptly named the DNC 10.

The replacement, DNC 10, is an equivalent replacement monitor for the GE 44A717111 monitor, and will physically and electronically work in all GE 1050HL, GE 1050HLX series control systems, that were originally fitted with the 44A717111.

The DNC 10 retails @ £425.00 GBP, plus any additional charges, such as delivery and packaging. The DNC 10 is available now, and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

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