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  • Heidenhain CRT Monitor Rebuilt as a LCD Display.
  • 12″ Monochrome (normally green)
  • DNC rebuild the Heidenhain BE411 in 24 hours.
  • BE411 = DNC 411.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
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BE411 series Heidenhain Monitor, with a Heidenhain system number of 22691701 is a TNC 1xx generation Heidenhain monitor, that was fitted on the Heidenhain system series TNC 155 controls. The BE411 is a 12″ amber display. The replacement for this is apptly named the DNC 411. The replacement, DNC411, is a complete rebuild using existing metal work from your faulty monitor with new electronics, cabling and crt display replacing the Heidenhain BE411 monitor, and will physically and electronically work in all Heidenahin controls, that were originally fitted with the BE-411. The DNC411 retails @ £695.00 GBP, plus any additional charges, such as delivery and packaging.

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