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  • Mitsubishi CRT Monitor Replacement.
  • DNC carry stock of this Monitor.
  • MDT962B-1A = DNC 962
  • 12 Month Warranty.




MDT962B-1A Mitsubishi monitor is Mitsubishi’s first 9″ amber monochrome CRT based display. It is one of the earliest generation of Mitsubishi monitors fitted on the Mildas control systems. Irrelavent of the type of the machine tool.

Our DNC replacement monitor for this is aptly named the DNC M9B. The DNC M9B is an equivalent replacement monitor using the latest LED technology. Our original replacement for the MDT962B-1A was CRT based with a 1 year warranty, then a LCD /TFT panel based. Now were leading the industry with our LED based DNC M9B and a 2 year warranty. Unlike other solutions our monitor is the same physical size metalwork, with the same connectors and will work electrically with no problems. Hence its plug, play and forget.

Our DNC M9B retails for £695.00 GBP. Its in stock now and available to ship anywhere in the world.


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