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  • New LCD replacement monitor for Siemens CRT monitor.
  • 12″ Colour.
  • DNC carry stock of Siemens 810, 820 monitors.
  • SC1200 = DNC 1200.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
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SC1200 Siemens monitor is one of the earliest generation Siemens monitors. This monitor was fitted on Siemens 3, 810, 820. The SC1200 is a 12″ colour CRT based display. DNC has been offering exchange and replacement on this monitor since 1994.

Most of our customers opt for the service exchange SC1200 @ £245.00 GBP available today. We strip and clean the monitor, repair the circuit and replace the CRT with a new tube – looks great. Hence it offers the best value for money for 30 year old CNC machine tools, and carries a 180 day warranty.

The replacement for this is aptly named the DNC 1200. We can do either a CRT based DNC 1200 (which we are phasing out) @ POA GBP (1 Year warranty – While stocks last). Or new DNC 1200 replacement which is LED based @ £695.00 GBP (2 Year warranty). The replacement DNC 1200 is an equivalent replacement monitor for the Siemens SC1200 monitor.


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