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  • New CRT & LCD replacement monitor for Siemens.
  • Siemens 9″ CRT Mono (Green).
  • DNC 9SL CRT solution with 12 month warranty.
  • DNC's SM0901 LED equivalent; 2 year warranty.
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SM0901 Siemens monitor is one of the earliest generation Siemens monitors. This monitor was fitted on Siemens 3, 8, 810. The SM0901 is a 9″ green monochrome CRT based display. DNC has been offering various replacement options on this monitor since 1994.

Currently we offer two solutions, both of which are plug and play compatible. Either a brand new complete CRT replacement with a 12 month warranty or an LCD replacement with a 2 year warranty. Both options are excellent. The replacement for this is aptly named the DNC 9SL. The CRT is slowly being phased out, due to dwindling stocks of parts to manufacturer it.

The CRT version is £POA GBP (1 Year warranty – While stocks last). Or our new DNC 9SL replacement which is LED based @ £POA GBP (2 Year warranty). The replacement DNC 9SL is an equivalent replacement monitor for the Siemens SM0901 monitor, same connectors and shaped metalwork.

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