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  • Totoku CRT Monitor Rebuild.
  • 9″ CRT Mono Yaskawa / Yasnac i80 control
  • MDT948B-3B = DNC 48B3
  • 2 Year Warranty.


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Product Description


MDT948B-3B monitor replacements are rebuilt using the your existing original metalwork. Using your Totoku metalwork serves three purposes. 1. It allows us to fit brand new display system into your metalwork seamlessly, fitting back into your machine. 2. This method allows us to offer new replacement monitor systems for monitors that we seldom work upon – due to limited numbers not warranting the investment producing the metalwork. 3. If this MDT948B monitor becomes a regular rebuild, then we would invest in producing metal frame to offer in stock replacement DNC 48B3.

There are many versions of the 948B-3B, namely the MDT948B-3A, SIM-16, SIM-32 which are repair only at the moment.

Our current DNC48B3 has new replacement wiring harness using new connectors. It’s designed to run on Yaskawa Yasnac i80 control systems fitted on Totoku machine tools. The quality of our rebuilds or replacements is second to none based on our 20 years experience.

MDT948B-3B equivalent replacement known by our customers and us as the DNC 48B3.

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